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Academic Program Design

At McMinnville High School, students experience various academic, extracurricular and community activities that provide a wealth of experience that helps them identify what their interests, goals, and plans are for the future. To maximize this experience, the academic program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop a strong foundation within their core subjects including English / Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Sciences. Students have multiple opportunities to earn dual college credit through the College Credit Now (CCN) program as well as through the Advanced Placement (AP) program. Finally, McMinnville High School students are able to focus on a field of interest as they work toward earning endorsements in any of our Career Pathway programs.

McMinnville High School is designed to include smaller learning communities (SLC’s) for freshmen students that consist of the ‘Freshmen Seminar’ course as well as the core classes English / Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. ‘Freshmen Seminar’ includes the required Career Education component and gives students exposure to each of our Career Pathway programs. Freshmen will have limited opportunities to earn dual credit (CCN) but are encouraged to meet with their counselor to identify those that are eligible for freshmen to take.

Freshman Connections

Sophomores will continue their course work in the core classes while enrolled in a variety of introductory courses to our Career Pathway programs. The Career Pathway introductory courses provide students with an overall view of the specific programs. Sophomores are encouraged to sign up for multiple introductory courses that they may be interested in pursuing their junior and senior year. Sophomores will also have several opportunities to earn dual credit (CCN) as well as their first opportunity to an Advanced Placement (AP) course.

Juniors and seniors will enroll in several AP classes and CCN classes while pursuing their Career Pathway endorsement(s) in their selected areas of study. Working closely with their teachers and counselors, McMinnville High School students can graduate with multiple endorsements in Career Pathways as well as dozens of CCN credits that will save them thousands of dollars and will prepare them to be successful as they pursue their career and higher educational goals.