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Early Graduation

Early graduation is an opportunity for very capable students, who have concrete plans to pursue further education (or work full time), to complete their high school academic requirements in three years.

Early graduation students must complete all requirements for the District’s standard diploma. Enrollment, as sophomores or juniors, in courses designated for the senior year of high school must have the written signature approval from both the student’s counselor and the high school principal prior to enrollment.

Students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 to apply for early graduation. Of the 27 credits required for the standard diploma, only one credit earned as an office or teaching assistant shall apply; no more than two credits of work experience shall apply; and no more than three credits of off campus course work shall apply towards graduation requirements.

Applications for students to graduate early must be received by the high school principal by May 1st of the student’s sophomore year unless the student moves into the district after that time. In that case, the student must apply by October 1st of his or her junior year. Completed applications will include the following:

  • Early graduation application
  • A letter of interest from the student detailing future plans and why they are seeking to graduate early
  • A counselor’s opinion of the request
  • A copy of the student’s current schedule
  • A plan for all future course work
  • A transcript

The high school principal shall review the application and bring his/her recommendation to the superintendent. The superintendent shall then forward a recommendation to the school board for their action. The school board shall make the final decision as to whether the plan is approved.